The Sliver StatueEdit

It all starts in a village called South Pawville, there is only one house here and a few buildings, known as the Drug Store, Pawn Shop, and The Fashion House. Then there's a Zoo, an Aquarium, and a big Flower Bed. The house is where we'll be heading first. A kitten named Lilly woke up and noticing her parents Arvin and Ione looking at a sliver statue of a cat sitting down. Lilly question what this was, Arvin said it's her great grandfather, also Arvin's grandfather. Ione said he once saved the world from a meteor, by shooting something to break it into pieces. It was said that he was the only one that has ever saved the world... before Lilly did. Lilly then wondered if they will make a statue of her one day, but for now that is still unsure.

Victor ComesEdit

Victor who is now out of jail has just knocked on the door, Lilly's parent's are still alittle mad at Victor for making her get the Magic Hat for Ivlet to see, but they let him in anyways. Victor ask Lilly if she would like to go outside and
chat, she accepts. Victor says he is sorry for making her go get the Magic Hat. Lilly forgives, she mentioned that it wasn't that big of a deal anyways, the big deal was that Ivlet fooled them. Victor ask what happened to Ivlet, Lilly said that he got sucked in by a purple vortex after she defeated him.