Accepting To Fight With Bengal CatEdit

Theophilus sends out Ada and Daisy, Ada agrees to give Daisy a hug, and so that's what they do, then Daisy invited Ada to come to her place, but Ada says that she has to do this one important thing, Theophilus ask what's important, Ada says that this one Bengal cat has stolen the Magic Hat. Theophilus says this, they have to start a fight with this Bengal cat, and win, otherwise the world will come to an end when he turns pure evil. He will destroy the lands and seas, and even things bigger than those two, the whole planet, the sun, everything! Ada accepts the fight, Daisy says that she wants to help, Theophilus says that he should be here soon, but he doesn't know when.

Beat & Lilly Meet AgainEdit

The Bengal cat up in his own floating place, he is very close to becoming pure evil. Beat is there too, he has booted out the Magic Hat again, but this time he fell in Bengal cat's floating place. So Beat keeps trying as hard as possible to take the Magic Hat back, but he's too small and Bengal cat won't let it happen. Suddenly Bengal cat gets annoyed by Beat and decides to drop him off somewhere else, he drops him off at South Pawville, Beat falls and lands infront of Lilly's house. Beat knows who lives here, so he goes and knocks, Lilly opens the door and sees Beat, she yells out his name excitedly. She wonders how he got here, he says that he got booted out from the Magic Hat again, he had tried to get it back but this Bengal cat wouldn't let him, so he sent him there in South Pawville. He also says that he is very close to becoming pure evil, Lilly says that she needs to fight him, Lilly and Beat goes off by using the Warp Stone, they warp to Tail Heights and runs to the gates.