Pure Evil & Waiting To FightEdit

The Bengal cat is now becoming pure evil, he is two times bigger than he was with red eyes and poofy fur, he then creates three Chaotic Dragons. Lilly and Beat has made it to Sky Heights, she runs the bridges, she knocks on the door, Theophilus opens and takes Lilly in, Lilly was surprised to see a few other familiar faces. Ada shouted "Lilly?!", she also ask how'd she know, Lilly says from her good buddy Beat, he is from the good side of the Magic Hat and he got booted out again. Beat comes out and says that he got a chance to read the Bengal cat's mind, that he had the power to go strong and he was able to break the bars to the cage and let himself go free. Ada then says "oh my god, so that's how he escaped!". Lilly ask Theophilus if he still has his Magic Shield, he says yes. So Lilly, Beat, Ada, Samantha, Daisy, Toby, Theophilus and Bartholemew are ready to fight, Bartholemew says that he should be here any minute, suddenly the Bengal cat decides to make earthquakes everywhere. Arvin and Ione are praying for them to win and bring back peace, and the Magic Hat.

The Big Fight & Earthquakes Are GoneEdit

Now, it's time for the big fight, a purple vortex comes and they all jump in. They all jump out on the Bengal cat's floating ground, they growl and hiss, with the Magic Shield, Theophilus creates semi-spheres all around the place and over the Magic Hat too. He says to everyone that as long as they go into them, the Bengal cat or the Chaotic Dragons won't attack, they won't notice anybody. Back in South Pawville, the earthquakes has stopped, everyone is wondering, Arvin said that it's the power of the one who has the Magic Hat, Charles shouts "it's gone again?!", Arvin sadly said yes. Charles mentioned that his Aquarium almost broke, but luckily the earthquakes stopped before it did. Kenneth ask if anyone will fight the one who has the Magic Hat, Arvin says that Ada and her friend were, he told them the way and then they took off.