It's Time To Go To The Snowy LandsEdit

Blue is at Jessica's house and they are both getting ready for the trip, suddenly a big boat shows up and Jessica says that their ride is here, they both go on the boat and off they go, there are more than just them going to the snowy lands, there's a boat full of cats going to the same place, Blue didn't know that it wasn't just themselves. Saul who lives somewhere on the main island is on that boat too, his parents lives in the snowy lands, so that's where he is planning to go. Suddenly a cat on the boat starts saying "snowy lands!" non-stop, annoying the whole boat, Saul decided to tell him to be quiet, the cat says sorry. Blue thanks Saul for doing that, he says they're welcome, then he says his name, Blue and Jessica say their names, they became friends. The Norwegian Forest Cat from Bamboo Fields is also on the same boat, and she has a friend with her. She suddenly goes to Blue, Jessica and Saul and mentioning the Bombay's, saying that there are only two left, they are very surprised, Blue knew that they were rare, but not that rare! Jessica ask how in the world would she know, she said a researcher told her and others. Saul ask how he knew, the Norwegian Forest Cat's friend Brittany who's also a Norwegian Forest Cat, said that they don't know what it was.

Blacky Has Another HelperEdit

It is now dark, Tom has just finish showing Blacky the Pawn Shop and telling her about it, Blacky thinks it's an interesting place. Tom ask Blacky where she lives, Blacky says nowhere, Tom ask why, Blacky then says that she is a traveler and usually don't stay at one place for too long. Tom then ask if she likes traveling, Blacky says yes and she has learned a lot of things, and recently learned that her breed was endangered. Tom freaks and ask if she knows how many of her breed is left, Blacky says two, Tom freaks even more and rushes to Dolphin Coast, Blacky ask where he is going, he says that he wants to find the lost one, Blacky goes with Tom. Natasha wants out but another boat is in the way, so she shouts to him, "hey captain, can you move your boat out the way please?", the male captain then moves his boat and lets her out. Tom and Blacky has made it to the water, they go on his boat, the male captain says hi to Blacky, she says it back, and says that they're ready to go, they sailed off.