Natasha Finally Made ItEdit

Noel and Maggie are mad at Natasha now for not coming, Natasha finally made it, sees them and tells them sorry, they don't forgive to quickly. Natasha says that she can even sleep there and take them in the morning, they accept that. Noel and Maggie sleeps in his house and Natasha sleeps in her boat.

They Were SuccessfulEdit

Lilly, Beat, Ada, Samantha, Daisy, Toby, Theophilus, and Bartholemew are all in Tail Heights walking back, they arrive at the two houses. Daisy and Toby doesn't want to go home yet, Lilly goes to the Warp Stone, she tells everyone to go there, when everyone got there Lilly puts her paw on the Warp Stone and they all disappear. They reappear to South Pawville, Ada thought that was cool, Samantha ask how she did it, Lilly says that they have to have a warp ring, Theophilus offers to make everyone a warp ring, everyone accepts. Theophilus ask Ada where she lives, Ada says North Pawville at the Police Station, then he ask where Samantha lives, Samantha says that she doesn't live on the island, she then says that she can stay on the island until he is done. Theophilus ask where, Samantha says she can go to Dolphin Coast, Theophilus accepts. They all go to Lilly's house, Arvin ask Lilly where she was, she said that she was fighting the Bengal cat with the rest of the group, Lilly then takes out the Magic Hat, Arvin and Ione are very happy, Arvin then says that once again Lilly has saved the world! Along with the rest of them. He thanks Ada and Samantha, but he doesn't know Samantha's name so he says Ada's friend, then he thanks Daisy, Toby, Theophilus and Bartholemew. Ione offers them some left over cookies, they all enjoy a good treat.