Time To Search AgainEdit

It is now morning, Noel, Maggie and Natasha are getting ready for leaving, Noel thought it'd be a good idea to bring some tuna, they get on the boat and take off. Noel ask Natasha if she have seen any black cats around where she was, she thought about it and realize that she actually did! Then she says, "oh my god, we're going back to Dolphin Coast!". They arrive to Dolphin Coast, all three goes and looks around the island separately. Noel went to Augusta's house and ask if she has seen a black cat, she says yes, she also says that the black cat was looking for another Bombay, Noel then freaks out and says that he is the Bombay that she's looking for, Augusta ask Noel why they are looking for each other, Noel says because there are only two Bombays left in the whole world, Augusta freaks and says that the other Bombay went to South Pawville after she was done talking to her, he then says bye and goes to South Pawville.

Tom & Blacky Has A Request To DoEdit

Blacky and Tom are on land and Blacky notices a group of dogs, Blacky hides behind a house, Tom ask what's wrong, Blacky says that there are dogs out there, Tom notices a black cat talking to the dogs, and tells Blacky, Blacky is excited, they then notices the dogs are walking away but the cat stays behind, Tom suggested Blacky to go there and say hi, and so Blacky goes, Blacky says hello, the black cat says hi back. Blacky notices his round head, but she ask if he's a Bombay anyways, he says no, he is a black Burmese. The black Burmese says his name, which is Sizzle, Blacky and Tom then says their names. Tom ask why he was talking to a group of dogs, Sizzle says that him and those dogs are statue creaters and they create statues of anyone that saves the world. Tom ask how they know who saves the world, Sizzle says that they have this thing that tells them when someone has saved the world, and it just told them that seven cats has saved the world. Blacky ask who are the seven, Sizzle says, Lilly the Birman in South Pawville, Ada the Egyptian Mau in North Pawville, Samantha the Burmese in Lucky Green, Daisy the Turkish Van in Tail Heights, Toby the Burmese in Tail Heights, Theophilus the Ocicat in Sky Heights, and Bartholemew the Ocicat in Sky Heights. Tom shouts "oh my god, I know Lilly and Ada!", Sizzle says that they would usually find the ones who would save the world, but suggested Tom bringing them there for him. He also says the rest of them except for Samantha lives on the same island, so if he could find them too. Tom accepts but ask why, Sizzle says because they need their post for the statues, Tom and Blacky goes back to the ship and tells the male captain that they need to go back to Dolphin Coast, they sailed off.