Hard Surfaces EhEdit

Samantha is sleeping infront of Augusta's house, Augusta notices her, so she comes out, and wakes Samantha up and ask why she's sleeping there, Samantha says that she likes hard surfaces, the grass and sand wasn't good enough, Augusta thought she was crazy.

Searching For Her & Found Sad MariaEdit

Natasha goes to Gertrude's Drug Store and knocks on her door, Gertrude answers, Natasha ask Gertrude if she has seen a Bombay anywhere, Gertrude says that the Bombay followed Tom back, so she suggest asking him, Natasha goes to Tom's Pawn Shop and knocks, but no answer. Natasha decides to go to Jade Fields, Maria is upset again, Natasha notices her sad face and goes up to her, Maria suddenly ask if Natasha was with the group of cats that saved the world, Natasha says no, Natasha ask Maria if a Bombay was in that group, she says no. Natasha ask why she's upset of them for saving the world, Maria says that it is a dream of hers, and she has a strong jealousy level. Natasha understands, Maria ask why she is looking for a Bombay, Natasha says because there are only two left in the world, she has one and she is searching for the other one now, Maria's eyes goes wide.