Maria Is JealousEdit

Next we go to Maria who lives in Jade Fields, as she is very jealous of Lilly for saving the world. This is the first time Maria has ever been jealous, and now that she knows what it's like, she hates it! Another cat that is just walking notice her sad face, he ask what's wrong, she admits she's jealous. He wondered who and why, she said because of a cat name Lilly cause she saved the world and this is the second time the world has been saved. He understands but he tries to get her mind off it, by just talking about something else and becoming friends. He hopes it works, and that it never gets to her like that again. After the friendship that has been made, he headed back home to Gongoro Perk. He is the Siamese named Bruce who lives there. Maria has almost forgot about the jealousy, she's happier now.

The Golden Angler FishEdit

The Fish Studies Group have just arrived, Charles is ready to show off what he lied about before! The Golden Angler Fish. The Fish Studies Group are impressed, they give him a Golden Angler Fish award, and 500G. After they are gone he screams in happiness, he literally went and gave Lilly a big hug, since she was the one that caught that fish. Lilly gets confused, and stays confused since he just hugs her and runs away. Victor ask what the heck was that all about, Lilly says she has no idea at all. This is one of the most awkward situations she has ever been in.