Blacky Visits Bamboo FieldsEdit

Blacky is a traveler, she goes around the globe! She has visit over 50 islands, traveled acrossed the lands and seas, and met over 50,000 animals, but she's not done yet. This cat may be messy looking sometimes, but is very brave, and she doesn't care what anyone thinks. She is going to a village called Bamboo Fields, there are five houses here with a Drug Store. When she arrives, she see's that there are a ton of cats there. Blacky however wishes she could meet another Bombay, she has never really got in with her own breed.

FLASH BACK: Her mom and dad died from falling rocks when she was three months old. She's still alive because she was ahead of her parents when they were all running away. She notices the rocks has stopped falling but her parents was nowhere to be found. She would stay with the rocks her parents were under until someone found her.

The reason Blacky has never met another one of her own breed is because it was said in the story/non-existents movie that the breed Bombay was endangered and close to becoming extinct. When a Norwegian Forest Cat noticed Blacky she went up to her and questioned Blacky if she was a Bombay or another breed. When Blacky said that she was a Bombay, the Norwegian Forest Cat was happy but confused at the same time. She screams and just then the other cats notice. The cats on the island thought that the Bombay's were already extinct. The other cats was like "oh my god" and "wow". The sad part is that Blacky never knew that her breed was endangered, and so, she is very confused as to why everyone is into her. Once one of them said that they thought the Bombay's were already extinct, she cries... asking if her kind is really endangered. This is a sad day for Blacky, she never ever wanted any kittens of her own... until now. It was also said in the story/non-existents movie that Bombays are greedy and 95% of them don't want kittens, which is probably why their breed is the way it is. In the story/non-existents movie only, animals can't have offsprings with other breeds without a missing body part 99% of the time. Arvin on the other hand is very lucky to be here with all his body parts. His father is a Ocicat and his mother was a Birman.

The ResearcherEdit

Blacky left the Bamboo Fields shortly after and as she was leaving one of the cats screams don't die! Blacky then ran into a researcher, judging from what he's wearing she can tell that he is one. This researcher is really good when it comes to breeds of any animal. As then she ask if he can tell how many cats that breed there are, he says yes, then makes an example, saying there are exactly 216,983 Siamese cats in the world currently, but numbers change everyday. Blacky then ask if he can research how many Bombays there are, he took the search and was very shocked at the results, that there are only two Bombay's left in the whole world. She fainted crying her eyes out. He doesn't even know that Blacky is one of the two Bombay's. He ask why she's crying, she told him that her breed is going to be extinct in no time! His mouth dropped when he heard that, knowing now that one of the two is actually with him. Then, he gives Blacky a good advice, he said to find the other Bombay, and hope the other Bombay is a male. But if the other Bombay is a female, then he really can't help her, and unfortunately, that breed would become extinct when they both die.