Ship TroublesEdit

Now, lets go to Natasha. This has got to be one of the most busiest days of her life, shipping over sixty cats at once and it feels like to her that she's stopping everywhere, with no breaks. She suddenly shops the ship on a island and takes a good break, she don't care how mad they get at her. One cat was so mad that he started moving the ship and telling everyone to get back on. Natasha has never had this happen to her, she yelled at the cat saying "what are you doing?!". She tried getting him off her wheel but he fights back, then, he pushed her in the water. A cat then jumps in the water and saved Natasha's life. But unfortunately the rest of them left with her boat. They go to the island they just stopped at, the cat is name Maggie, and she already knows who Natasha is from the other cats when they were making fun of her. They then saw two houses here, one of them is empty and the other one has Noel living in it. They knocked on the empty house, Noel heard and said to come over here, there's nobody living there. The smallest island called Monolith Isle is where they are. Noel offers Maggie and Natasha a can of tuna for each, since he has tons. They take them, and enjoys a good lunch. Noel have just found out from someone that the cat breed Havana is endangered, less than 50 of them in the world! Noel is worried that they will all die out one day. He tells Maggie and Natasha the news, they were upset when they heard. They ask him if he knows if any other breeds are endangered, he said no, he hasn't found out anything else. Suddenly another cat knocks on the door, it's another cat from the ship, saying that she moved the ship away when everyone else was on ground. Her plan worked, Natasha is very grateful. Natasha and Maggie says goodbye to Noel and everyone headed off. Maggie finally filled her dream of saving a life!

Sad BlackyEdit

Blacky is on land and rolled up in a ball, she thinks her breed will never make it, and finding that one Bombay, would be impossible.