Awkward Feeling Is Finally GoneEdit

Charles in South Pawville finally tells Lilly why he hugged her, Lilly's awkward feeling is now finally gone, and she is very good at forgiving.

Talking About Endangered BreedsEdit

Clara is at the Fashion House in South Pawville talking to Sheila and having a good time. Clara heard from somebody in Bamboo Fields that a Bombay stopped by their village, Clara told Sheila the news. Clara knew they were very endangered but Sheila didn't until now. Sheila was shocked to hear the news, she thought this wouldn't happen with any animal breed. Maggie then came to South Pawville, she sees Lilly and Victor by the waterfall. But she didn't say hi, instead she walked over to the Fashion House, she wondered what clothes they have there, so she walks down and takes a look. Sheila welcomes Maggie and showed her what she had. Maggie is looking now and Sheila and Clara continues their talk. Sheila ask if Clara knows how many Bombay's there are left, but Clara has no clue. Maggie over heard this, and rushed over to them, questioning the Bombay's, Clara said they are the most endangered cats in the world right now, Maggie was mouth dropping. Maggie then told them about the Havana cats and that there's less than 50 of them. Clara and Sheila was shocked to hear another cat breed endangered. Maggie said that a cat name Noel told her and Natasha. Clara then thought the name Noel was adorable. Maggie suggests everybody should go to Natasha and talk more about this, since she was there too. They go to Dolphin Coast and headed to the boat. Natasha sees that Maggie made some new friends, she says hi. They say hi back. Maggie said that they were talking about the endangered cats, Natasha wanted to get in. A sudden ask from Clara what breed was Noel, just randomness cause she really likes that name. Maggie says she doesn't know, but Natasha knew, she said that he was a Bombay. Clara screams, "we have to get to where ever he is!" Natasha was so confused and ask why, Clara said because he's an endangered breed! They all sailed off.