Heart AttackEdit

When they got to Monolith Isle, all four went to his door, Noel open up and wondered why they came back with friends, the first thing that came out of Clara's mouth was "you're an endangered breed!". Noel shouted "what?!". Noel literally fainted and had a big heart attack, that's when Clara says "don't die on us!". Noel wasn't getting back up, by this time, they were all very worried. Natasha says to everyone to rush him on the boat and find a hospital.

Angry Heard AgainEdit

Another captain came by where Blacky was, his boat was filled with animals. As then the angry heard of cats that was on Natasha's boat walked by seeing another boat, and they rushed over. They said "bring us around the sea!". He said to them to get on, as the ones he was carrying were getting off. Blacky decided to join them. They all sailed off. It was dark out now, the captain ask why they are all angry, one cat said that a lazy female cat didn't want to take them
around anymore. He responded that everyone needs breaks sometime, she couldn't go on forever he guesses. The more he got to know the angry heard the more he was uncomfortable bringing them around. When they told him that they had to get rid of the other captain by pushing her off, he got so mad at them that he had to kick them off where ever he found a spot. He left the island they got kicked off at with an almost empty boat. He notices an only cat on his boat, which is Blacky, he sees that she has a sad face. So he stops the boat at the middle of nowhere and decided to talk to her and see what's wrong. He was very shocked and surprised when he heard her problem, and he was sad now knowing that there are only two Bombay cats left. He offers Blacky a helping hand getting around. She accepts, but still thinks that it's impossible to ever find the one.