Hospital & Bombay SurprizeEdit

Natasha stopped at Bamboo Fields where Blacky was. She asked the villagers if there's a hospital on the island, they say yes there is. They headed to Panda Rivers, that's where there is a hospital. Panda Rivers is beside Bamboo Fields and this place is population by harmless pandas, of course there are cats working at the hospital. When they got there, with Dr. Havana they set Noel on the bed on his back. He puts his paws on Noel's chest and tries to get his heart working. He has ask the others to get out, when they got out, Clara cries, because she knows she would be the cost of his death. Luckily Bombay's are easy to heal, with mostly other breeds they would have been a goner, but Dr. Havana got his heart pumping and Noel makes it. He wakes up and ask where he was. Dr. Havana says that his friends brought him there, he is grateful at them. Dr. Havana opens the door and says that their friend made it, then Noel walked out the door and everyone was very happy. They headed back to Bamboo Fields, as they were walking by the same Norwegian Forest Cat shouted "another Bombay!". Everyone was very surprised. Noel thought for a minute, and ask how endangered is his breed, Clara says very endangered and on the top list. Noel became very worried. The researcher then comes on the island to Bamboo Fields, Clara stops him and ask the same thing Blacky asked. He said yes and makes an example, saying there are 604,320 Persian cats in the world currently, but numbers change every so often. Clara ask him if he can do a research to see how many Bombays are left, he says yes. He took another research and the number is the same. He says to everyone that there are only two Bombays left, everyone was so shocked, especially Noel. The Norwegian Forest Cat then remembers, and says "oh my god, the only two Bombays left has both visit the village!". The researcher caught that and says "this black cat is the lost Bombay?!", everyone wondered. The researcher says that he ran into the other Bombay and had her look for this one. So he tells the five that they should look for her. They sailed off back to Monolith Isle.

Bedtime & The MoonlightEdit

Noel is getting very tired and wants to head to bed. Maggie stays behind with Noel and the other three takes off. Maggie just lays on the pier in the moonlight and just stares at the water. Blacky is just staring at the moonlight and thinking, shortly after she starts crying.