Searching For Him & Found The HatEdit

Blacky got dropped off at Dolphin Coast, the captain stays on his boat. Blacky started her search, she sees
Augusta's house, she goes and knocks. Blacky ask if she have seen another Bombay anywhere, Augusta says no. Blacky goes to South Pawville, and sees Ada dealing with someone, then she wants him to follow her, but then he ran off. Ada's chase is on. The Magic Hat is where they were, the cat was trying to steal it, but failed. Blacky wondered why anyone would want to steal it. Blacky goes to the only house that was in South Pawville, with the Magic Hat in her mouth, and gave it back to Arvin and Ione. They are grateful. Ione offers Blacky a cookie, she takes it and really enjoys it, but that's no surprise, everyone enjoys Ione's baking.

Two New NewsEdit

The Russian Blue family is having another kitten, when Blue visits her parents, they say that she's going to have a sibling, Blue gets upset and goes outside. Her dad comes and talks to her, he says that they will always love her the same and won't treat her any different, which is what Blue is scared of. Blue's bestfriend Jessica comes and sees her. Jessica has checked Blue's house but no one was there, so she decided to check her parents. She wanted to tell Blue that she's going away for awhile to the snowy lands at the top of the earth. Blue thinks that she can't live without her bestfriend, so she thought maybe she could go along with her, Jessica accepts. Blue then tells Jessica that her parents are having another kitten, Jessica got excited, but she wondered, wouldn't Blue wanna see her brother or sister at birth... And she knows they wouldn't get back in time, so she decides to ask that question, Blue answered yes but she knows that she can see her sibling at any time when they do come back, even if it's not at birth, as the trip is only once in a life time thing with a bestfriend. Jessica understands, and she says they have to get straight to Blue's parents when they come back, then she leaves. Blue goes back inside and tells them she's going on a trip to the snowy lands, and they will come back to see the new kitten when they get back from there. They say okay.